DayZ Finally Enters Beta

Bohemia Interactive has announced DayZ is finally hitting beta status.

While the game has been available to play in an alpha state for roughly five years, the first beta build has just hit their experimental update branch.

As outlined by lead producer Eugen Harton, the new beta brings with it new base building, vehicle updates, and “player restraining.”

Here are some highlights:

  • Major engine changes
  • Improvements to game and network performance
  • Introduction of base building
  • Massively improved implementation of vehicles
  • More elaborate AI for infected and animals
  • Major map rework to make Chernarus more beautiful and detailed
  • Ability to run your own servers
  • Modding Support

Stability tweaks aren’t the only thing the devs are looking to add. “Experimental” mod tools are being worked on, with the hope to give the community a way to add new things to the game. A Steam Workshop for the game will be available.

The development team is planning to add more stability updates from its beta through to its full 1.0 release. Furthermore, the Bohemia team is hoping to hit full release before the year is out.

DayZ is available for Windows PC, via Steam.

Brandon Orselli


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