Chicago 9% Entertainment Tax Now Affecting Local PlayStation Users

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We have received reports of users of PlayStation 4 in Chicago having received emails notifying them of soon being subject to Chicago’s 9% Entertainment Tax.

While the law was introduced in 2015 to tax individuals watching taxable events via streaming from home, the law has extended to Netflix, Spotify, and Apple. All three have also attempted to fight against the law.

Now it seems Sony will subject their Chicago based users to the tax on November 14th, and seems to apply to purchases made on the platform’s PlayStation Store (including PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Music, PlayStation Video On Demand, and PlayStation Video Live Events).

We have also seen users on Twitter claiming they have received notification as short as tomorrow (November 9th) that their local tax laws (such as in New York) will begin to apply. The official PlayStation Support website claims it began applying local tax as early as April 2016.

How do you feel about more taxes? Will they be put towards anything worthwhile? Sound off in the comments below!

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