The Vatican Launches Pokemon Go-like Game, Follow JC Go!

The Vatican has officially commissioned a smartphone game titled Follow JC Go.

The augmented reality game is much like the game it blatantly takes inspiration from, Nintendo’s wildly popular Pokemon Go – only this game has you roaming streets to collect souls lucky enough to be canonized as Saints, as well as “blessed characters from the Bible.”

Featured above, you can view the announcement trailer for the game. While you’ll be able to collect Saints, you’ll also have to answer questions from them as well – these probably including real head scratchers from Bible verses not read often.

The app also tracks your “hydration and nutrition” somehow, as well as tallies for your prayer count. The game also features in-app microtransactions, however instead of frivolous heathen things like new costumes for Moses or something, they only let you donate to charity.

Lastly, it’s worth noting the app was made to commemorate World Youth Day in Panama, which goes down next year – hence the app only being available in Spanish right now. More languages are set to come shortly.

Brandon Orselli


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