Anons React to Bowsette Taking Over the Internet

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Nintendo is porting New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe to the Nintendo Switch in January of next year – however a new mechanic in the game has both fans and artists going nuts with fan art, and most importantly, an entirely new fan-made character.

To start, the new mechanic is known as the “Super Crown,” a power-up that transforms Toadette into the human-like Peachette, a Princess Peach lookalike that also bends the conventional laws of physics and biology.

A fan took this theory and applied it to Bowser, creating what the internet would soon be calling Bowsette or Bowser-hime in Japan.

Here’s a look at that fan art, or more importantly, comic:

It’s worth pointing out this puts a spin on the real ending in Super Mario Odyssey, where Princess Peach leaves both Mario and Bowser behind after both of them try to marry her. So, instead, Bowser dons the Super Crown and … becomes Mario’s partner.

An absolute tidal wave of fan art has surfaced for Bowsette, with one of my favorites shown above as the featured image, from Twitter user Tohirokonno.

The Japanese hashtag for her has over 800,000 posts and is quickly growing, even topping boring things like the New England Patriots or whatever is going on with our government.

Generally, reception for Bowsette has been very positive. The massive influx of new fan art and sharing of said fan art drove a certain internet terrorist to madness though, as he made demands else he would once again flood the internet with regular Bowser art and / or porn.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is launching for the Nintendo Switch on January 11th of next year. What are some of your favorite Bowsette pieces? Sound off in the comments below!

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