Cygames Wants to Make a New Zone of the Enders Game

While the last Zone of the Enders game, Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner, came out back in 2003, it was recently re-released in high definition and with virtual reality support. Cygames co-developed this HD port with Konami, and now they’re hungry to do more – and even want to make a new game in the series.

The news comes via a discussion with Cygames project manager Kenichi Kondo, Cygames engineer Akira Horibata, and Konami general producer Noriaki Okamura, via Dengeki.

In the interview, the interviewer said while the new HD port of the two classic games has them excited, they’re hoping it can lead to a completely new game. Kondo said “of course, we as a company feel like we’d like to make a completely new game. We’re talking to Konami about greenlighting a sequel if this one sells and is received well.”

He naturally added “It would be wonderful if everyone could purchase it.” Okamura said “These are my own feelings, but I’d like for Cygames to create a new franchise game.”

The interview also touched upon the addition of virtual reality, and if a sequel could support this as well. Kondo noted that this is entirely dependent on whether or not it makes sense for the sequel, and if they can still maintain the series iconic high-speed combat in VR.

Lastly, Kondo noted that within Cygames there are lots of Zone of the Enders fans, and that while he wants it to happen, it could be anything – a direct sequel or possible a spinoff.

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner – MARS is now available for Windows PC and PlayStation 4.

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