YouTube Greenlights New “Comedy” Show “It’s A Man’s World” to Focus on Gender Inequality in Gaming

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We’ve learned (via Deadline) that YouTube has greenlit a new show that will focus on the hot-button subject of gender equality in gaming.

The half-hour pilot is described as a comedy, and will be written by Broadway musical Smash writer Theresa Rebeck, and produced by Christina Wayne’s Assembly Entertainment – in association with ITV Studios America.

Based on an original script by Showtime TV show Billions writer Heidi Schreck, the pilot will center on Emma, a successful “video game design executive” and “sole breadwinner” for her family, who is “used to the land mines that come with being a woman in a male-dominated field.”

Emma is suddenly “fired without explanation” and finds that she’s being blacklisted by everyone in her industry.

She then decides to crossdress as a man to get a new job and continue supporting her family. Her new life is described as “strange and politically incorrect,” and yet she begins to enjoy the “newfound ease of access and power that comes with being a man.”

While I’m not sure what plane of existence the folks involved with this production live on, the pilot is set to begin production sometime this fall.

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