NIS President says Disgaea 6 is “Definitely” Happening, Teases non-SRPG Disgaea Spinoffs

While Nippon Ichi Software is remastering or re-releasing a bunch of their previously released Disgaea titles, we’ve learned the Japanese developer is still definitely going to work on a sixth entry in the long-running tactical RPG franchise.

The news comes via an interview with NIS president Sohei Niikawa and Dengeki PlayStation (via Ryokutya2089), where the company boss said that his company will “definitely” release Disgaea 6, however, the development platforms and release window for the title are still being taken into consideration.

Another interesting tidbit from the interview is Niikawa teasing the fact that Nippon Ichi Software is considering the expansion of the Disgaea franchise to genres outside the tactical strategy RPG formula it has used since its inception, back with Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

The latest game in the franchise, Disgaea 5, has been available for PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. In case you missed it, you can find our review here (we recommend it!). It’s new PC release, Disgaea 5 Complete, was recently delayed to this fall.

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