Massive SNES JRPG Far East of Eden Zero is Finally Translated

Far East of Eden Zero, or as it’s known in Japan – Tengai Makyō Zero, is one of those absolutely massive Japanese RPGs released towards the end of the Super Famicom’s life cycle. While there have been attempts at a fan-translation, we haven’t seen a complete one – until now.

A group of fans over on Romhacking.net have successfully translated the entire game and released the full translation patch in October of last year. Translation group Dejap had previously attempted to translate the game back in the early 2000’s, before parting ways.

Far East of Eden Zero is a spin-off in the Far East of Eden series, and one of the few Super Famicom games to use the SPC7110 chip – which allows for more data to be stored on the cartridge than usual. Because of this, it has robust graphics, a large variety of music, and even a real-time clock that will mirror real life date and time, allowing for unique in-game events pending the time of day/year.

The turn-based RPG stars Higan the Fire Hero as he sets out to find his friends after his village is attacked, and defeat the evil demon ruler that is responsible. While the game has robust graphics for its time and a huge world to explore, it has no cutscenes.

Developed by Red Company and published by Hudson, Far East of Eden Zero was originally released for the Super Famicom in Japan back on December 22nd of 1995.

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