PlayStation CEO: The Next PlayStation Console is at Least Three Years Away

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Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera recently talked at Sony’s annual investors relations summit, where the PlayStation boss shockingly revealed the PlayStation 4 was “finally entering the end of its console life cycle.” Now, we’ve gotten some clarification from Kodera regarding this statement.

“We will use the next three years to prepare the next step, to crouch down so that we can jump higher in the future,” Kodera said (via the WSJ) in the IR meeting.

Kodera’s follow-up comments followed the meeting with investors, where he was naturally asked if a new PlayStation console was coming very soon.

“We need to depart from the traditional way of looking at the console life cycle,” Kodera said. “We’re no longer in a time when you can think just about the console or just about the network like they’re two different things.”

This means we might not see a new PlayStation home console until 2021, which would stretch the PlayStation 4’s life cycle a whopping eight years after its launch – the longest time span between hardware refreshes for the company (their hardware cycles typically last six years).

It’s worth reiterating, however, this is the first console cycle where Sony and Microsoft have introduced mid-cycle hardware refreshes that have slightly improved hardware specifications, likely the cause behind a potentially longer hardware cycle this console generation.

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