Square Enix is Shutting Down Mecha-Shooter “Figureheads” on June 30

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Square Enix has announced they’re shutting down Figureheads.

The free-to-play, third-person mecha shooter will see its online services going offline on June 30th. The game originally released for Windows PC in March of 2016, with a PlayStation 4 release in March in 2017. An arcade release, Figureheads Ace, was released in Japan last summer.

Square Enix claimed most players weren’t even finishing online matches, noting they would quit due to unwieldy controls and complicated game rules, as well as the overall slow pace of the entire game itself. They made changes to remedy this, however it wasn’t enough to save the game.

Despite the game’s services being cut off, the company still plans on releasing a new “Colosseum” pvp map and new story content on March 22nd, with future updates planned.

Starting March 22nd, all real-life money Gold currency sales will be cut off – while paid in-game items and gold can still be used until the severice ends completely on June 30th. The game client will be unavailable after June 28th.

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