Michael Fassbender to Star in Feature-Length, Hollywood-Produced Kung Fury Sequel

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We’ve learned (via Hollywood Reporter) that a feature-length Kung Fury movie is coming, and the talented Michael Fassbender is set to star.

While details for Fassbender’s role or the how the sequel relates to the original 30-minute crowdfunded shortfilm aren’t confirmed, Kung Fury himself David Sandberg (also creator, writer, director, and producer on the original film) is returning. David Hasselhoff is also set to return in some way.

Kung Fury was originally planned to be a feature-length film but fell short of its crowdfunding goal of $1 million. Instead, they produced a 30-minute film that you can view above for free. It’s really spectacular if you’re into 1980’s buddy-cop films and martial-arts films.

The upcoming sequel is being produced by KatSmith Productions (Stephen King’s It reboot), so it will presumably have way more special effects – and hopefully real ninjas.

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