Anthem Reportedly Delayed to Early 2019

A new rumor is pointing to BioWare’s next big game and totally new IP, Anthem, being delayed into next year.

The rumor, via Kotaku, cites one source that confirmed the game’s original fall 2018 release window was “never realistic” and that it will launch in early 2019 instead. The source(s) further claim that targeted release dates are still not set, and that a beta release, EA Access launch, and an ongoing timeline of patches and updates for the game have to be planned.

Furthermore, the sources claim that Electronic Arts won’t let BioWare delay the game beyond March of 2019. Kotaku reports they spoke to over half a dozen people close to the project – all of whom claim they’re optimistic for the project but feel they’re fighting a number of outside forces.

Anthem has been in active development since 2012 and got stuck in pre-production for a “very long time.” Rumors back in 2014 and 2015 pointed to the studio having issues with the Frostbite Engine. Last year, however, development has been increasing and overall the team has been battling ongoing issues typical to game development.

BioWare also recently confirmed they’re officially actively working on the next Dragon Age game.

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