House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn Announced for Japanese Arcades

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Sega has announced House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn for Japanese arcades.

While previous games in the series tend to come off as B-horror experiences that are silly at best, Sega is promising a “never experienced before” type horror experience for this game, with a theater-like arcade cabinet as seen with some of the previous games – while also using the latest tech.

The game is built within Unreal Engine 4, and there will be more enemies on screen than ever before. Fans can also expect the cabinet to have things like vibrating seats and air-blowing fans, which turn on pending the scenario. There’s also a motion sensor to entice players that might pass by.

The game will have an initial location test from January 19th to the 21st at the Sega Akihabara Building 3 in Tokyo, Japan. Here’s a look at the cabinet, which comes in two color variants:

Here are the first screenshots:

For now, you can visit the game’s official website here, and make sure to follow the newly launched official House of the Dead series Twitter account here.

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