Rumor: First Details for Pokemon Generation VIII – Simplified and Real-Time Battle System, Z-Moves Returning

A new set of rumors (via PokeJungle.net) are claiming to have the first details for the eighth generation Pokemon game, for the Nintendo Switch.

The rumor, via “Chinese sources,” is claiming the Chinese localization team has already finished translating the entire game script. It’s worth noting the rumor is from the same folks that knew about Team Rainbow Rocket before that was revealed.

The source notes the game has a new, simplified battle system that has been compared to the real-time battling seen in the Digimon World games. The battle system has also been compared to Pokken Tournament, where you have a rock-paper-scissors like system of attack, block, and grab.

Mega evolutions will not be returning, however Z-Moves will be via motion controls through the Joy-Cons. The central story is focused on the conflict between tradition and innovation. The game’s region is supposedly inspired by Spain or Italy.

A release is rumored to be set for late 2018 (December-ish) or possibly early 2019. Parts of this rumor mirror information from an old rumor for Pokemon “Plus and Minus,” which fans expected to be the seventh generation in the series. That generation turned out to be Sun and Moon.

As with any rumor, please take all the aforementioned details with a hefty dose of sodium. However – what would you like to see in the new Pokemon game, for the Nintendo Switch? Sound off in the comments below!

Editor’s Note: Featured image via Christian Davis

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