New Kirby Toys Will Dominate You With Their Expansive and Penetrating Chins

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If the natural and spherical form that Kirby takes has offended your eyes and you thought “I need more dominant, masculine features,” then Japan toy maker Panda’s Ana (via Dengeki) has put their spin on the pink blob.

The new “Shakurel Kirby” line of toys all feature a powerful, jutting, dominating chin for all the core Kirby characters, including: Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Whispy Woods, Sleeping Kirby, and even Warp Star Kirby.

Here’s a look at each figure:

(Click to enlarge)

It’s worth pointing out the toyline name is a pun based on the Japanese word “shakure,” which translates to “concave,” and is also used to describe people with jutting chins. It’s also one letter off from a visionary American rapper’s family name.

The figures will be first available at Tokyo’s Ikebukuro PARCO mall, on December 8th. A price is set at 300yen, and you’ll be able to find the figures available in local vending machines.

Brandon Orselli


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