Niche Spotlight – Super Star Path: The Bastard Child of a Shmup and a Color-Matching Puzzler

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Spain-based indie studio Dya Games have a panache for putting a twist on classic arcade-like mechanics, and their game Super Star Path comes from that very same pedigree.

The shoot ’em up is actually mashed together with a traditional color-matching puzzle game. Featured above, you can view the latest trailer for the hybrid shooter-puzzler.

The key here is that in between traditional shoot ’em up boss battles, you’ll have to navigate through hordes of alien spacecraft via blasting the appropriate pathways – through color-matching.

Here’s a rundown on the game, via Dya Games:

Classic color match puzzle meets space shoot’em up action! Hop into your spaceship, open a path through huge waves of aliens and other hazards, and face intense boss battles!

This game implements auto-fire ONLY during boss battles. There is NO auto-fire during puzzle parts for obvious reasons.

Key Features:

  • Three difficulty modes.
  • Randomized color puzzle stages.
  • Intense shoot’em up boss fights.
  • Unlock, buy and upgrade new ships.
  • Unlockable Boss Rush mode.
  • Colorful and polished pixel art graphics.
  • Arcade-like FM synth soundtrack.

You can find Super Star Path here on Steam and here on across PC, Mac, and Linux – for only two dollars.

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