Arc System Works Launches North American Branch

Arc System Works has announced they’re launching a North American branch.

The new division will be known as Arc System Works America, and it will be headquartered in Torrance, California.

Here’s a statement from company president and CEO Minoru Kidooka:

“With our new branch ‘Arc System Works America, Inc.’ we will better be able to open the channels of communication between fan and developer, ensuring your voices are heard and most importantly applied,” said company president and CEO, Minoru Kidooka.

“I look forward to our latest challenge of establishing a new branch and continuing to develop exciting and innovative experiences for all the fans who made this next stage in our company’s history possible.”

The company’s games have traditionally been localized and published by Aksys Games in the Americas – it remains to be seen what this means for them as Arc System Works will presumably operate independently now in the region.

Brandon Orselli


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