Niche Spotlight – Skycurser: Ludicrous, Arcade-Only Shmup Filled With Mutants, Metal, and Gore

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Arcades are getting somewhat of a resurgence via the most passionate, dedicated fans and developers. While you’ll likely never see arcades everywhere like in decades past (or outside of Japanese metro areas), there are some awesome games still being made – cabinet and everything. Skycurser is one such game, and boy do I wish I had the dosh to throw down for one of those cabs.

The game is a pixelated shoot ’em up that takes place in the year 1996, a hellish earth plagued by a cataclysmic disease. As the infection spreads, it creates mutant hordes that quickly take over the world, nearly wiping out humanity. Featured above, you can view a trailer for the game’s current alpha build.

This won’t stop you, nor your dog, as you both take control of the prophetic vessel SKYCURSER, taking to the skies in the hope of defeating Necrostar and his mutants. A prominent tagline with the game is naturally saving the planet, but also dying a hero in the process. Hopefully your dog survives somehow.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Rewarding Scoring System
  • Ridiculous Boss Battles
  • Free Game Updates Via WiFi
  • Explosive 1 or 2 Player Action
  • Four Diverse Missions
  • Two Challenging Game Loops

Since the game is currently only available in arcades, you literally can only find it in various location tests – or buy yourself literal arcade hardware for your own cab. You could also fork over a large sum of money for a completely custom cabinet, game hardware, decals and everything.

At time of publishing, literally every version of the game is backordered, so just go find a cabinet somewhere. For now, you can go oogle the game over on its official website.

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