Niche Spotlight – Nightkeep: Medieval Throwback Metroidvania Action RPG

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It seems like metroidvania’s are all the rage these days, and so long as the game is interesting, I’ll probably check it out. Nightkeep, a new action-RPG set within a metroidvania world, got enough upvotes on Steam Greenlight, and it has a promising pixel-art style as well.

The game follows a female huntress named Arietta through a fictional medieval-fantasy world, and features mechanics “straight from the 90s.” Featured above, you can view the game’s latest trailer. Arietta is described as more of a lone wolf, despite other hunters usually traveling and hunting in groups.

While players can level up the protagonist via getting experience points and improving your abilities, you have two main forms of attack: your sword, and sub-weapons – like classic Castlevania. You can also slide, double jump, and back dash, and make use of power ups like permanently increasing your max health. You can even embed gems in your gear to upgrade powers and abilities.

The developer’s goal is to make a relatively “simple game” that still has a compelling story and a good number of quests.

A release date for Nightkeep isn’t confirmed, for now you can view the game’s Indiedb page.

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