Advance Wars-Inspired Game Tiny Metal Gets Switch Version

We previously reported on Tiny Metal, a new Advance Wars-inspired strategy game by the composer of Secret of Mana. The game’s Kickstarter campaign was unfortunately not funded, but the base of the game has funding and will ship later this year.

Now, we’ve learned (via GameSpark) the game will get a Nintendo Switch version, alongside its planned PC, Mac, and PlayStation 4 versions. Featured above, you can view a new gameplay demonstration of what to expect in the game.

The game’s key designer, Hiroki Kikuta (composer on Secret of Mana), spoke about the game at this year’s Tokyo Indie Fest.

He said the goal of the game is to recapture the fun and hype behind games like the Advance War series. The game’s Switch version was touted with the hope of providing Nintendo fans a great storyline combined with simple yet deeply rewarding tactical strategy battles.

Tiny Metal will launch sometime this October, across PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and now the Nintendo Switch.

Brandon Orselli


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