New SNES Fighter Unholy Night Up for Pre-Order

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We previously reported on a new Super Nintendo / Super Famicom fighting game being developed by former SNK developers, titled Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter. Now the game appears to be completed, and has been put up for pre-order.

You can now find the game over on Amazon, as well as Play-Asia, however it seems like the Play-Asia release was Japan-only, and is now sold out. Featured above, you can view an extended look at the coming 2D fighter.

The developers tried to Kickstart a physical release for the game this past February, however they failed to raise necessary funds. That hasn’t stopped them from rolling out a physical release, however, so it’s possible they secured additional funding via another source.

Here’s a look at the game’s Japanese box art (left) versus its western box art (right), you can decide which is better:

To be clear, the Japanese version of the game was already shipping and entering the hands of enthusiasts. The former SNK staff at developer Foxbat were looking for help supporting the game’s overseas distribution, as development on the game completed last February.

Here’s a look at the game’s cartridge:

In related news, we previously reported on a Neo Geo fighting game prototype found, unfortunately that game was probably cancelled internally before ever getting an official announcement. You can read more about that here.

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