Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology Announced for Nintendo 3DS

This week’s Famitsu (also via Hachima) has revealed Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology for the Nintendo 3DS.

The game is a full remake of the Nintendo DS original Radiant Historia, released back in 2010. The remake features a new scenario, and will launch in Japan on June 29th. Here’s the game’s teaser website.

As this is a full remake, the 3DS version will have improved graphics and enthralling visuals for various event scenes. There’s also an entire roster of voice actors that didn’t appear in the original game. The opening animation is being handled by A-1 Pictures.

The new scenario is described as “Sub-History,” where you can start in a “Perfect Mode” which has this seamlessly tied into the original story, or the “Append Mode,” which lets you play the new scenario after completing the main timeline.

Here’s a list of characters and their voice actors:

  • Stocke – The protagonist (VA by Katsuyuki Konishi)
  • Nemesia – New character (VA by Mikako Komatsu

Part Members:

  • Aht (VA by Tomoyo Kurosawa)
  • Eruca (VA by Rie Takahashi)
  • Gafka (VA by Takaya Kuroda)
  • Marco (VA by Yoshitaka Yamaya)
  • Raynie (VA by Ayane Sakura)
  • Rosch (VA by Wataru Hatano)

Game director Mitsuru Hirano said that since fans have voiced their support for the game over time, internal support for a new Radiant Historia game has come from within Atlus proper.

In terms of why they chose to do a remake and not a sequel, Hirano said they wanted to give fans more of what made the original great without changing much, but focused on improving all aspects of the game.

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