Rime Launches May 26, Switch Version is Delayed and Costs More For No Reason

Puzzle-platformer Rime is launching May 26th. Except if you have a Nintendo Switch.

While it was originally announced back in January for a May release on all platforms, it seems as if the Switch version needs a little bit more time before launching “later this summer.”

Not only is the Switch port being delayed for no reason, the Switch port also costs more for no reason. While both physical and digital versions of Rime on PS4, Xbox One, and PC cost 30$, the Switch version will cost 40$.

On Eurogamer, Grey Box Publishing, who will be releasing the Switch version, says that the delayed Rime Switch port has no differences from the PS4 and Xbox One versions, which will again release earlier for less money.

If you already have the Switch version pre-ordered, you should keep your original price. I say should because there apparently weren’t any Switch pre-orders online at reveal, and we have no clarification at the time of publication as to whether or not any have appeared since.

Matthew Sigler


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