TV Mode Not Supported in All Nintendo Switch Games

Nintendo hasn’t exactly confirmed every minute detail for the Nintendo Switch leading up to its worldwide release this week, on March 3rd. While some lingering questions regarding features, user interface, and more remain – it seems like the company is allowing developers to opt-out of supporting its TV Mode.

Voez, a new port via Rayark Games, isn’t supporting TV mode.¬†For those not following the console and its confirmed functionality, it supports three modes, including: handheld mode, TV mode, and tabletop mode.

It was assumed up to this point that games would support all play modes, making full use of its functionality.

While Taiwan-based developer Rayark Games are simply not adapting the game’s touch controls for a traditional controller (and disabling TV Mode), it opens the question to how many other developers will simply opt-out of supporting TV Mode.

Does this mean developers can opt-out of supporting handheld mode, or tabletop? Will we get a flood of mobile ports on the console?

The Nintendo Switch is launching on March 3rd worldwide, for $299.99.

Brandon Orselli


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