Square Enix is Working on Dissidia Final Fantasy Console Version

The latest Famitsu had an interview with Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade producer Ichiro Hazama and director Takeo Kujiraoka.

This is the first time since 2015 the development team has seriously talked about a potential console port, specifically for PlayStation 4. As the game was built on hardware very similar to PS4 for arcade, porting it to the console has been teased as only a matter of time.

Hazama said the game’s console version wasn’t shown at the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Opening Ceremony because they’re still working on it. He noted that users are expecting a story version, and that they are working on that for consoles.

The focus on combat will remain the same, but there will be enhancements in the console version, to which Hazama said will require more development time. Kujiraoka noted that while it’s not possible to match the feeling of the arcade to everyone, they are considering embracing the e-Sports scene in the console version, in an effort to make it even better.

Hazama put fans of the arcade version at ease, adding that the console version won’t hold back content added to the arcade version. He said that both versions will be supported simultaneously, and that they’re moving forward at maximum speed.

The question of implementing Team Ninja’s “Soft Engine” for breast physics was brought up again, and their answer was a bit different from last time. Hazama joked they could use it to add some jiggle to Final Fantasy IX antagonist Kuja’s rear-end. He also said they have the OK from Team Ninja, so he teased it could be used if they find a suitable character.

Dissidia Final Fantasy has been available at Japanese arcades, and currently has 21 playable characters from across the series.

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