Japan-Only E.V.O.: Search for Eden Predecessor Now Fully Translated, via Fans

Most people don’t know the Super Nintendo classic E.V.O. Search for Eden has a predecessor, because it never made it out of Japan.

Released back in 1990 for the PC-98, E.V.O.: The Theory of Evolution (or 46億年物語THE進化論, 46 Okunen Monogatari: The Shinkaron in Japanese) was a game developed by Almanic Corporation and published by Enix.

Now, the team at 46 OkuMen have fully translated the game. Featured above, you can view a trailer for the fan translation.

The game is a turn-based RPG where you get to choose in which path you evolve your creature, as opposed to the Super Famicom successor that featured a more action-focused combat system.

Gameplay was captured with Neko Project II, but if you’re looking to go hardcore you can even play the translation on actual PC-98 hardware.

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