Rumor: Nintendo Switch will have Gamecube Virtual Console


According to Eurogamer, the Nintendo Gamecube will finally be getting virtual console releases on Nintendo’s new system, the Nintendo Switch.

According to their sources, three classic Gamecube games are currently running on the Switch: Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Mario Sunshine, and Luigi’s Mansion. The original Animal Crossing is also being considered as a title for the service.

While some platforms are still in the air, it’s believed that the Nintendo Switch will have a similar virtual console upgrade system to the Wii U, where NES and SNES virtual console games can be bought at a steep discount if you owned them on the Wii.

The Switch’s Virtual Console is also being developed by NERD (Nintendo European Research and Development), who created the emulation used for the NES Classic.

As a final note, Nintendo is also trying to see if they can get the Wii U’s Gamecube Adapter working on the Switch.

We’ll find out more January 13th, when Nintendo holds a press event for their brand new console.

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