Square Enix Might Finally Localize Dragon Quest X, if Fans Demand it Enough

dragon quest x 07-28-15-1

While Dragon Quest X has been released on a multitude of platforms in Japan, the game still hasn’t seen a release in North America or Europe.

A panel at this year’s PAX West (via Reddit) had Square Enix boss Noriyoshi Fujimoto answering fan questions regarding the series. The question of the aforementioned MMORPG being localized naturally came up, to which Fujimoto responded.

Fujimoto said that translating and localizing an MMORPG is a massive challenge, and costly from a business perspective. However, he said that Square hasn’t completely ruled out a western release for the game, saying it’s still possible if fans demand it enough. He made a nod to Dragon Quest VII getting a western release on the Nintendo 3DS due to fan support.

Dragon Quest X has been available in Japan across the Wii, Wii U, PC, Android, iOS, and even the Nintendo 3DS. Square is also readying a version for Nintendo’s upcoming NX console.

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