Kerbal Space Program Launches for PlayStation 4 on July 12


Independent Mexican developer Squad has announced the release date for Kerbal Space Program on PlayStation 4.

The spacecraft-launch-themed simulator will launch for PlayStation 4 on July 12th. Featured above, a new gameplay trailer for the game was revealed, showing its core features.

The console version of the game offers “completely redesigned controls and gameplay” that’s poised as being “challenging yet fun.” Here’s a breakdown of what to expect with its core game modes, via Squad:

Our game offers three gameplay modes: Sandbox, where you’re free to build anything your imagination can come up with; Science Mode lets you perform scientific experiments and advance the knowledge of Kerbals to unlock new technologies; and Career Mode, where you control every aspect of the space program, including crew management, reputation building, as well as embarking on side missions called “contracts” to earn funds and upgrade your space center facilities (or repair them).

Flying your vessel has never been so fun in KSP — using the triggers and sticks on DualShock 4, you can have a more precise analog experience to make advanced maneuvers with your aircraft.

Brandon Orselli


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