Hideki Kamiya Expresses Interest in Making Bayonetta 3 and Okami 2

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Fans of Okami and Bayonetta will probably be happy to hear that Hideki Kamiya has expressed interest in making sequels for both titles.

In an interview with Metro, Kamiya told the press that he would love to make a third Bayonetta, expressing that he has ideas for both it and Okami 2.

While Bayonetta 3 sounds like wishful thinking on his part, Okami 2 might be more tangible as he’s been in talks with Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi on a subject he didn’t want to divulge on, but hinted at it by pointing at his t-shirt which portrayed a wolf.

Right now Hideki Kamiya has his hands full with Scalebound, which is set to release for the Xbox One sometime in 2017.

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