Marvelous Delays PS Vita Brawler Uppers Due to Low Pre-Order Numbers

uppers 11-17-15-1

Marvelous has announced a delay for Uppers, their PS Vita-bound machismo brawler.

The game’s producer, Kenichiro Takaki, announced the delay from its April 21st release to one .. to be determined sometime in the future. The reasoning behind the delay is not development related, in fact it was due to low pre-order numbers.

Takaki said the pre-order numbers weren’t as high as they hoped. He said when comparing these numbers to the expectations in today’s market, they’re just not something they can swallow and hope for the best.

However, Takaki said that he wants to put more belief in the potential and raw power of the game even more now, coming from these low numbers. Instead of dropping the game, he wants to take more time to promote it more.

Takaki also noted that development staff on the game are putting all their effort into completing the game in the best possible condition.

Brandon Orselli


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