Rumor: Sega “Heavily” Considering Yakuza Series, Hatsune Miku, More for PC Release

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Sonic, Sega & video game news fansite TSSZNews has run a report in which they claim a source has told them Sega is “heavily” considering the Yakuza series for a PC release.

Should the Yakuza series be ported to PC, the source has said that Sega will release them in chronological order, beginning with Yakuza 0.

The source goes on to say other titles like VanquishResonance of Fate, the Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA franchise, Virtua Fighter 5, and Sonic Colors, are also heavily being considered.

According to the source, these PC releases are a major part of Sega’s 2016 business strategy, with lots of Sega’s backlog of releases being considered for PC releases in the beginning of this year.

My take: This definitely makes sense considering the massive success of their Valkyria Chronicles release on Steam, which probably gave the publisher enough confidence to greenlight other IPs owned by Sega, for a PC release. It’s also worth mentioning that Sega themselves said they were working on a “string of high quality PC ports” in October of last year – so make of that what you will.

For now, we’re classifying this as a rumor – however we’ll keep you guys posted.

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