New Indie Horror Game “Emily Wants To Play” Due This December

If I told you about a horror game involving killer dolls stalking you and a vague connection to pizza, you’d probably think I was talking about Five Nights At Freddy’s, but you’d be wrong. Another indie horror title, this time designed by Shawn of “SKH Apps”, aims to steal a slice of the scary-game pie that Cawthon’s FNaF series and developer Frictional Games have been hogging as of late.

The game has the player stepping into the role of a pizza delivery man who comes to a house to deliver his last pie of the night, only to find that no one is there to answer the door. With the door mysteriously left unlocked and the lights still on, the driver enters the house in hope of finding someone. When the entrance locks behind him, however, things take a weird turn. Taunted by psychopathic dolls led by a an especially mischievous one named Emily, the player has to find a way out of the house.

    Emily Wants To Play is close to being finished. I am working towards a December 10th release on Steam for PC and Mac. Just a few more technical tweaks and some testing, but the game is mostly finished. [The gameplay video above] was in the middle of the game, when the dolls are very active. The tester was running in circles around only four rooms, because it made her feel more “safe”. The game is very open ended, so you can search the whole house, or sit in one room the whole game. You aren’t locked out of any places, so you can head anywhere from the start.
    The house has gotten many polished touches and more creepy events. Every room is complete, and so is the basement. To add more realism to the game, you can actually turn the lights off in any room, just like you would in your own house. It took a lot to get the rooms pitch dark and working perfect, but in the end it is working better than expected. You can walk up to a light switch and flip it down to turn out the lights in a single room, while the other room’s lights stay on. Plus the doors swing open or close just like real doors. But on a creepy note, Emily and the dolls can also turn the lights off and close the doors too.

Emily Wants to Play is due to release on Steam for PC and Mac this December 10th. You can learn more about the game from its Steam Greenlight page or the developer’s twitter.

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Carl Batchelor


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