New Content Update for Kingdom Come: Deliverance Alpha Integrates a Crime System

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Warhose Studios have released a new content update for the Kingdom Come: Deliverance tech alpha.

The alpha has been updated with version 0.5, which brings a whole host of new features including a robust crime system, the ability to fight multiple AI opponents, an adaptive soundtrack, and more.

You can find the full list of updates below:

  • Crime system: Stealing or attacking people will have consequences, the population will behave accordingly. If you are seen committing a crime, multiple options are available, from  negotiating your way out, going to jail or even resisting the arrest by fighting against the authorities.
  • Multiple enemies: Fighting will get even more dangerous and challenging, thanks to new AI improvements. Every opponent has now different skills and equipment.
  • Combat feels even more realistic and deadlier.
  • Adaptive soundtrack: Addition of new proprietary sound technology adapting the soundtrack’s mood based on player’s actions. For instance, the game’s symphonic music goes from peaceful to agitated when the player is under attack and is procedural modifying itself depending on player’s performance. The system handles all kind of situations based on actions and environments, such as exploration, theft, danger, etc.
  • RPG and survival elements: Characters, now needs to eat and sleep in order to stay healthy and survive. New horse inventory will help carry more supplies

There’s also a few technology updates and fixes as well, considering the game is still in development:

  • Implementation of Global illumination a new CryEngine lighting technology improving lighting and shadows to improve the world’s realism.
  • Combat and Horse controls/animations improved
  • New dialog animations and cameras
  • Complete graphical user interface overhaul

It’s worth mentioning this is the last update before the release of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance playable beta.

Warhorse is going to hold another livestream/Q&A session with the game’s creative director, Daniel Vávra, on December 1st. You can tune in via Twitch at 7PM CET, where the developer will be talking up the latest developments for the game.

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