Rumor: Bravely Second Native American Costume Censored in Western Release

bravely second 11-23-15-1

It seems that Bravely Second has received a bit of censorship for its Western release, but probably not in the way most people would expect.

The Tomahawk class appears to have seen its design changed from a Native American motif to a cowboy one.

bravely second 11-23-15-3

Users have been sharing an upload on imgur that shows both the above images, which mentions a “Spanish Store,” to which we’re still trying to find a source.

The reason why this seems a bit difficult to fake is that the Sidewinder skill is unique to the Tomahawk class, plus the provided screenshot looks like something you’d see in-game.

The Bravely series is no stranger to censorship (with costume designs too), however this is by far the most unexpected change I’ve seen, with no clear reason as to why it was changed.

For now, we’re classifying this as a rumor due to the unclear nature of the source – but we’ll update the article should things develop further. We’ve reached out to Nintendo and Square Enix for a comment.

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