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YouTube Red Announced, Ad-Free Streaming for $9.99/mo, Coming October 28

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Google has finally announced their new subscription-based service, dubbed simply YouTube Red.

While the new ad-free platform won’t have any pornography on it, Google is promising 10 original series like “Scare PewDiePie” starring the Pewdz himself.

The $9.99 monthly subscription price is the same as Netflix’s standard two-stream HD plan, and it lacks the massive catalog that Netflix offers.

Here is the list of new series coming under YouTube Red:

  • “Scare PewDiePie”: In this reality-adventure series from the creator and executiveproducers of “The Walking Dead” at Skybound Entertainment and Maker Studios, experience thrills, chills and laughter as PewDiePie encounters terrifying situations inspired by his favorite video games.
  • “Sing It!”: From Fine Brothers Entertainment and Mandeville Films, scripted comedy satirizes the reality singing competitions that have become a centerpiece of pop culture.
  • “Lazer Team”: Feature-length action-comedy from Rooster Teeth and Fullscreen Films focuses on four small-town losers who stumble on an alien ship carrying a mysterious cargo, leading to a battle to save Earth from an all-powerful enemy.
  • “A Trip to Unicorn Island”: From Astronauts Wanted, feature-length documentary gives fans a look inside the life and journey of Lilly Singh (YouTube’s Superwoman) as she embarks on a 26-city global tour where she has to remember to practice what she preaches: happiness is the only thing worth fighting for.
  • Untitled Joey Graceffa project: Reality murder-mystery series starring Graceffa brings together an ensemble of top YouTubers who must form alliances to survive… but little do they know that most won’t make it out alive.
  • 360 Project from MatPat of Game Theory: YouTube educator and pop-culture expert MatPat from The Game Theorists hosts a 360 virtual-reality series exploring the real-life science behind popular video games by throwing gamers into scenarios they play through every day, from water jetpacks to haunted pizzerias.
  • “Single by 30”: In romantic drama series from Wong Fu Productions and New Form Digital, two high-school best friends make a promise to get married if they’re still single at 30. A decade later, their attempt at upholding their vow unfolds in unexpected ways. Starring Harry Shum Jr. and Kina Grannis.
  • Untitled CollegeHumor project: Written by and starring the cast of CollegeHumor, along with special guests, this new anthology series will take a dark and comedic look at the absurdity of Internet culture.
  • “Fight of the Living Dead”: Reality show from Alpine Labs takes popular YouTube talent and traps them in a real-world zombie apocalypse. They must use their instincts and gaming skills to survive as they battle the elements for the ultimate prize of survival.
  • “I Am Tobuscus”: Scripted comedy from Toby Turner (aka Tobuscus) explores the world of a self-involved YouTube creator pursuing bigger stardom. The show features original music, and satirizes the digital stardom.

YouTube Red is expected to launch on Wednesday, October 28th. You’ll also be able to save videos and watch them offline, via your phone or tablet, as well as play videos in the background. Google is also redesigning YouTube Music, which works hand-in-hand with Google Play Music, meaning both services get access to each other automatically.

Would you guys consider subscribing to the new subscription?

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