Darekoi is a Heartwarming Tale Set in a World of Unending Prosperity and Love

Life a Little’s Darekoi (full name: Dareka ga Koishita Hankagai ~Butterfly Loved the Street~) is a visual novel in which you return to a cozy, nostalgic, and heart-warming town.

Darekoi¬†takes place in the quaint Oriibu Village, which is described as an “otherworldly” town with a “nostalgic, retro-like flavor.” This entirely new world has prospered for ages, and it seems to continue through prosperity, and love, forever.

The game is cited as both “old-fashioned,” and yet “refreshingly new.” While Darekoi¬†sounds like a game with mysticism in it, there are no spells or magic in the world of Oriibu, yet there is an aura of mystery surrounding it. Time seems to not pass here, with flowers blossoming remaining in full bloom.

Sekai Project has announced they’re localizing the game, although they did not mention a release window.

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Brandon Orselli


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