Tooth and Tail is a Pixelated RTS Filled with Animal Warriors

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Monaco developer Pocketwatch Games have revealed their latest game, Tooth and Tail.

The game was formerly codenamed Armada, described as a streamlined RTS where the real depth comes from improvising and reactive play instead of twitchy, memorized build orders.

Tooth and Tail is filled with various animals and structures that you can mix and match into your own faction. In total, you can have up to seven units or structures in your faction, making no two games the same.

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If you’re concerned about the seemingly low number of units and or structures, Pocketwatch Games are positioning the game as an “arcade-style, real time strategy game,” meaning it’s easy to learn, simple to control, and quick to play. Matches in Tooth and Tail are said to typically last around 5-12 minutes.

The game is essentially more real-time chess, and less “competitive cow-clicker.” If you’re curious, the name Tooth and Tail has a hidden meaning, plus it does match the game’s aesthetics, rife with animals wielding flamethrowers and stuff.

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Maps are randomly generated – players will have to build strategies upon the random factors, and the faction they’ve build pre-game.

Here are some pretty amazing character wallpapers:

tooth and tail 08-14-15-2
Commander Hopper
tooth and tail 08-14-15-8
Skunk Grenadier unit
tooth and tail 08-14-15-9
Commander Archimedes

The game is still a bit early in development, with lots of art to be added, although a bigger milestone will be the team looking at the “new player experience”, which is their next development focus. Following this, further things like a tutorial, sandbox, more functional UI, and so on will be looked at.

A release date for Tooth and Tail is set for 2016 on PC – unless they decide to go with Early Access. For those hoping the game will come to consoles – the development team said the game “would really be at home on consoles too.”

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For now, Pocketwatch Games will be livestreaming the game on Twitch every Thursday at 2PM PST. You can also find the game’s official website here.

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