Square Enix Getting Help from Just Cause Devs to Make Airships in Final Fantasy XV

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We’ve learned that Square Enix is possibly enlisting the help of Just Cause 3 developer Avalanche Studios to use their in-game tech in Final Fantasy XV.

“We’re talking to their central technology team based in Stockholm in Sweden about a certain collaboration we might do with them and the Final Fantasy XV team,” game director Hajime Tabata said to IGN at Gamescom.

“We’ve got really great hopes for this discussion. What we’re going to be talking about is possibly being able to use their really unique, really high level amazing technology they have in their studio and using it as an add-on to enhance the quality of a certain specific part of our Final Fantasy XV game,” he said. “We really think something very special may be coming out of that.”

Tabata made a point in saying these talks with Avalanche Studios have just started, so there’s no guarantee the game will make use of Just Cause 3’s tech. Here’s where things get a bit interesting, where Tabata spoke to Famitsu about the very same thing, and specifically talked about implementing airships in the game.

“It’s my personal goal to include airships that are able to fly around, in a complete scale,” said Tabata. “I’m not sure if we’ll be able to make this happen in time for the retail release, but I think we should do this even if it means releasing it as a post-launch download. I’d like to be able to challenge players to fly around the world. I would personally like to experience that, and I’m sure the fans would like that as well.”

Final Fantasy XV is currently 65% complete, with a release set for some time before 2017.

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