Rumor: Official Name Revealed for Windows 10-tan

Madobe Touko 8-3-2015 - 1

With the launch of Windows 10 already behind us, it seems like the Windows 10 OS-tan herself is getting more legitimized.

While it has yet to be formally announced, as far as we can tell, it does seem like the Windows 10 OS-tan has been given her official name – Madobe Touko.

When her design was shown off by Microsoft back in May, they also announced that the new 10-tan would be named through fan contributions and be voted on, and it seems as though Touko has been chosen.

As said before, it’s not been officially said by Microsoft so we’re putting this one under a rumor for now, but there is some very strong evidence pointing to Touko being the official name – check it out:

First up, we have this video here:


…which shows Touko introducing herself. It appears to be from some form of press event.

Second, is a new twitter account named @windows10_touko, whose account follows the same set up as Madobe Nanami, Yuu, and Ai as well (@windows7_nanami, @windows8_yuu, and @windows8_ai, respectively).

If Microsoft “officially” announces a name at a later date, we’ll let you know.

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