Rumor: A Final Fantasy XII Remake is Happening

final fantasy xii 08-01-15-1

It seems like a Final Fantasy XII remake is happening, if a new rumor from a concert featuring music from the series is anything to go by.

The news comes via conductor and composer Arnie Roth, who announced the remake during a Distant Worlds concert in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

While this is an unexpected and strange time to announce a remake, it’s worth mentioning Square Enix composer Hitoshi Sakimoto was in the audience – so it would be somewhat insulting to confirm something fake with someone very close to the series in attendance.

The most interesting bit is that when Roth motioned to Sakimoto, Sakimoto confirmed the remake.

Lastly, despite Roth using the word “remake,” if this does come to fruition, it’s more than likely just an HD remaster of the game, much like the Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD remasters.

For now, take this with a grain of salt – we’ll keep you guys posted as we wait for a comment from Square Enix.

Brandon Orselli


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