Here’s the Glorious Opening Movie for Marvelous’ Internet Trolling Game, Net High

Marvelous has released the opening movie for Net High, their upcoming PS Vita game that tasks you with trolling and exposing phonies on the internet.

Featured above, you can view the animated opening cinematic for the game. In case you missed our previous coverage for the game, players will take up the role of the protagonist Oreshi, who is gifted with a powerful wearable tech device.

Even though he is the complete opposite of a riajuu (a person who lives a fulfilling life online), he later combats the fraudulent riajuu via livestream-ed battles.

The near-future Japan has seen a government-mandated social network to promote and foster healthier lifestyles, however there are users which abuse this new system, gaining more followers on Tweeter by leading false lives on the internet. Your goal, is to expose these liars, and become the most powerful member of Tweeter.

Net High is launching for PS Vita in Japan on November 26th.

Brandon Orselli


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