Atlus and Vanillaware are Working Together on a New HD Game

odin sphere 07-17-15-1

We’ve learned that Atlus has revealed a teaser website for a new project they’re working on with Vanillaware.

While nothing is really overtly shown, you can find a screencap of the teaser website below:

vanillaware 07-17-15-1

There’s a few things of note: the message at the top says that both Atlus and Vanillaware are collaborating on a new HD project.

The mentioning of the project being in “HD” has a lot of fans speculating this is an HD remaster of an older Vanillaware game, and when coupled with the little seedling in the bottom right, sounds a lot like an Odin Sphere (editor’s note: the header image) remaster.

Atlus worked on publishing Vanillaware’s most recent game, Dragon’s Crown, however this is reportedly co-developed by both companies. Finally, the words “from Boston” appear next to the reveal date: July 20th, 2015 at 19:00 Japan time.

Lastly, a NicoNico livestream is going to cover the game’s reveal, so we’ll keep you guys posted.

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