From Software’s Echo Night: Lord of Nightmares Finally Translated

As is the case with most video game series from the 80’s and 90s, a great many of them were incomplete due to one or more titles being left in Japan. One such series, From Software’s survival horror classic Echo Night, fell victim to that trap as well. With the US getting the first PSX-era chapter and a sequel for the PS2 called Echo Night: Beyond, the missing middle game, Echo Night 2: Nemuri no Shihaisha, remained in the land of the rising sun…unplayable to all but those either brave enough to use a walkthrough or who knew the language.

Thanks to Gemini, the mastermind behind the Soul Hackers and Persona 2: Innocent Sin translations, that’s not an issue anymore. Having just fully translated this lost PS1 era classic, fans of the series can now experience what they’ve been missing for the past 16 years.

The game is a first person view survival horror adventure that revolves around Richard Osmond and his search for his missing girlfriend. During the search, Richard finds an old photo of of someone who looks like his missing girlfriend and tracks the person to a mansion which they owned. As it turns out, the mansion isn’t very hospitable.

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Carl Batchelor


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