Bandai Namco Producer: Don’t Expect Xenosaga HD by Petition, I’ll Find Another Way

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Bandai Namco producer Katsuhiro Harada teased fans of the possibility for a Xenosaga HD collection, only to say the publisher will make the HD collection real if “tens of thousands” of fans make it known that they’ll buy it.

Fans did create a campaign for the HD collection, as well as a petition, which only broke 10,000 signatures. This seems to not have been enough to secure funding within Bandai Namco for the HD collection to happen, according to a new post from Harada-san.

A while back, triggered by the overseas version of Project X zone, I have conducted a research and calculated if there is a business chance for Xenosaga HD remaster.

It was a very simple research at that time. Yet, research does cost money.

And at that time, I was not able to seek business chance. In other words, I was not able to find the necessary market size that will pay for the development fee needed to create the HD remaster.

So it seems like there may not have been enough fans demanding for a Xenosaga HD collection, as unfortunate as it sounds. “Back then, the reactions on SNS and unique users were rather few in number. It may be that I didn’t work hard enough,” Harada said.

Harada talks up a Kickstarter for the collection. “Measures such as kickstarters are as of last resort, and at any rate we will not have a chance of winning as it stands now. It will not gather people by crowdfunding without creating some kind of big movement to support it,” said Harada.

“To be honest, I was about to give up and I’m troubled,” lamented Harada-san. He got more specific when it comes to just exactly how many fans he needs to make the HD collection happen.

“What I need, are the voices from many fans,” said Harada. “This is a little different from having ‘messages sent every day from the same person.’ Although I do understand the deep love for the game, more than that, the cheers from as many “unique users” as possible is what is needed.”

In closing, Harada seemed to cite people making duplicate accounts yet again, saying “A miracle would happen if several tens of thousands are gathered at the end. Of course, involvement from the company is needed for this but…”

Before you get all upset and downtrodden, there is some hope with his message. Harada did post this update with the following messages:

“To Xenosaga Fan. About HD collection: I don’t expect miracle by Petition any more. I’ll find another way!! Thanks.”

So there you have it – it’s not exactly promising, but we at least know that Harada is seemingly trying everything in his power to make the Xenosaga HD Collection happen.

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