Sony Currently has No Plans for Backwards Compatibility on Playstation 4

playstation 4 03-17-15-1

It seems like despite Microsoft’s announcement to include Xbox 360 backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, Sony is not going to do the same.

The news comes via an interview with Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida.

“The announcement didn’t change,” Yoshida said to Polygon, “I don’t think we will change our approach. The PlayStation 4 doesn’t have backward compatibility.”

Yoshida pointed to the recently added Media Player on the Playstation 4, and said the company wants to focus on adding new features and services. Despite this, Yoshida won’t completely deny the possibility of backwards compatibility.

“Backwards compatibility is hard,” he said. “I won’t say we’ll never do it, but it’s not an easy thing to do. If it’s easy, we would have done that.”

So how do you guys feel? Do you want to see backwards compatibility on the Playstation 4?

Brandon Orselli


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