3D Realms Classic Terminal Velocity Lands on Mobile

A classic returns. 3D Realms has successfully ported and released the complete version of the 1995 PC classic, Terminal Velocity, onto mobile devices. One of the earliest games of its kind, Terminal Velocity is a fast, arcade- spaceship shooter, where players scour the battlefield destroying various alien targets in their special starfighter.

The game was programmed by Mark Randel, a former programmer for Microsoft Flight Simulator and programmer for another 3D Realms classic, Rise of the Triad. ┬áThis version, available on iOS and Android platforms, features the games’ original features, complete with VGA graphics from Windows 95 and all the content originally made for the game. Another added benefit is that the fog has been lifted, allowing pilots to see greater distances.

In 2704, Earth forms an alliance with various alien races, only for those civilizations to turn their guns and armadas on Earth. You are an elite pilot of the TV-202 star fighter, which is essentially a flying coffin. You’ll take to various worlds and battlefields to defeat the armada and save the Earth.

It’s worth mentioning the mobile port was also handled by Randel. Terminal Velocity is now available on Google Play and the App Store for $2.99.

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