The Mastermind Behind Divinity’s Soundtrack, Kirill Pokrovsky, Passes Away

If you’ve ever played the Divinity series of RPGs from Swen Vicke’s Larian Studios, then you’ve no doubt noticed how well done the music has been throughout each chapter. Starting with the original Divine Divinity (Or “Sword of Lies” if you’re a purist) then going through each of the other games (Beyond Divinity, Divinity 2, Dragon commander, Divinity Original Sin), the aural accompaniment in these RPGs has always been one of its hallmarks. Knowing this, it’s with great sadness that I have to report that the man responsible for the music in one of my favorite RPG series has recently passed away.

Posting the news in a Kickstarter update, Larian Studios, as you can imagine, paid proper respects to the man that gave them so much of himself and his talent:

    A great man, a fantastic composer and a good friend passed away yesterday. Rest in peace Kirill Pokrovsky – we will miss you.
    And thank you for all the gifts you’ve given us. We each have our own Kirill story and many of us have Kirill presents on their desks. All of them demonstrate how rich a person you were.
    We’ve all hummed your music and we have marvelled at how far your virtuosity went. You were truly somebody unique, a true artist, and we were very lucky to have you as a colleague.
    Your greatest gift to us of course was your music that you shared with us on many occasions. The following concert in particular was really special for us, in the midst of a chaotic Kickstarter campaign, you brought us a moment of peace and joy.

Russian-born Pokrovsky was only 53, his music having not just been limited to Larian’s RPGs, but also Eat This and The L.E.D. Wars. There is currently a Facebook page devoted to him which has pictures of the composer taken throughout his life.

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