Gaijinworks is Polling Fan Interest in Physical Release for Summon Night 5

summon night 5 06-03-15-1

Gaijinworks confirmed they would be localizing both Class of Heroes 3 and Summon Night 5 back in April of this year, however, now the publisher is polling their fans to see if there’s enough support to warrant a physical release of the game.

The publisher needs at least 6,000 copies to be sold within 30 days of their new campaign, for a presale to begin. So far, over a thousand fans have expressed interest in physical copies for the game. If you want to put your name and money down, shoot a message to theĀ Gaijinworks mailing list here.

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Just like their previous physical releases forĀ Class of Heroes 2 and Class of Heroes 2G, Gaijinworks is promising a digital code for the game (for those who prefer to play on PS Vita) alongside the physical UMD, for Playstation Portable. Pricing isn’t confirmed, but you can expect it to range between $39 and $44.

If you’re a fan of super niche games like this being localized, you should consider pledging towards any version of the game, as Gaijinworks has pledged to bring more games west, if sales for Summon Night 5 prove to be worthwhile.

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