Japan has Anthropomorphized Windows 10 Into Its Own OS-Tan

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We’ve seen Windows 7 and Windows 8 both getting an anthropomorphized version of their respective operating systems, but now Japan has gone and made (via PC Watch) an OS-tan for Windows 10.

Featured above, the new OS-tan is voiced by Nonoka Ai, although she currently doesn’t have an official name. The creators used white and blue as the basis. The new OS-tan is meant to be a support character for the DSP (delivery service partner) version of Windows 10.

The creators are looking for the fans to submit names for her, with contributions being accepted on June 19th. If you submit a name for the new OS-tan, you’ll get a rough drawing of the character as a desktop wallpaper. However, five special participants will be selected to win a paper signed by Nonoka Ai herself.

Here’s the awesome thing – the new OS-tan even has an entire background made up for her. She’s from the Madobe family, 100 years in the future, and she is fond of online video games, and supporting others. Her personal traits are being a good student, and knowing a lot about technology. She’s a bit spontaneous, which pushes her manager to worry. She’s also a fan of cheering on people who are working hard and doing their best. She also works part time at the Akibano Custom Computer Company.

Editor’s note: Translations provided by Claude Smith

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